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If you never do, you’ll never know


How many times have we used the, as I call it, ‘but’ excuse?
“I want to do this but..”
“I want to a start that but..”
Well, as a master of this excuse, I think it’s time I just DO, no buts. So, here’s to hoping that by sharing my inexcusable buts and my newly enthused motivation to follow through with the things I haven’t, my readers will find a ‘but’ within themselves to pursue, to just DO! The reason I wanted to do this is because as a close friend of mine recently discussed in her own blog, I think its silly to let all those things we WANT to do and TALK about doing bring us down and hold us back from our full potential and because trust me, the fulfillment and happiness we get from simply accomplishing something we’ve been wanting to do, is very much worth it.

“I want to start a blog but I don’t think anyone will read it.”
“I want to start taking yoga but I’m not sure I’ll like it.”
Not to toot my own horn here but between this blog, something I had been wanting to do for a long time but didn’t have the guts to, and the yoga class, I can say I have pushed those buts aside and really love that I have.

“I want to start a photography business but I don’t have the time to commit to it.”
If I can build the courage to finally start my blog, I can make the time to commit to my photography. Although I don’t shoot as much as I wish I could, I still want to find something that could be that fulfilling commitment to one of the things that makes me happy most. So in lost thought of all the things I want to do next, I finally decide I will start one more blog, a photography blog. As good as blogging has felt thus far, I am excited to collaborate my newest dedication to blogging with my passion of photography to hopefully result in more exposure for a one day succesful business and a way for people to experience my photography through a more personal perspective I hope will interest others.

“I want to take on some sort of project through this blog but can’t think of a good enough idea.”
This became an easy ‘but’ to push because based on the whole concept of this post, I went with the thought that I have to start somewhere to go anywhere. I know that if I can help it, it will somehow relate to photography and the first thought that came to mind was my purpose of this whole blogging project itself. So after some inspiration in blogs I discovered earlier today and my last photo post, I want to capture and share the very moments I live through in creating each post. Not just ‘here I am in this place writing ideas’, but I want it to show how the topic of my post relates to my surroundings and how that relates to how each blog develops and so on. I want it to be relatable, an open door to my mind as I make sense of all the things I want to express. I want t it to be visually gratifying not just within a post but throughout the blog, something that after reading the post you can look at and understand and enjoy. Still, I do want something more complex and aesthetically arousing, something bigger. I’m content for now but already thinking of new and better projects. Ideas welcomed.

This wasn’t going to be my next post but as soon as soon as the random thought of last night’s Taco Bell sauce packet was in my mind I knew that even though it was the middle of the day at work, I’d have to log on and start writing. I don’t know what may come out of this for anyone else but I do know that like this blog, I have to share this thought because if I never do, I’ll never know.


Unpacking our heavy souls


Yoga, a way of uniting our physical, mental, and spiritual selves through the practice of controlled breathing and poses. This I gathered between my first class tonight and some quick but eager research about what yoga really is.
Just in one class, it was much more
than that; it touched me in a way I hope to feel again.

We were told to ‘unpack’ and in my, clearly first-timer awkward stretching, I look to see what she might be unpacking. She continues to tell us to unpack our expectations, our doubts, our plans, anything keeping us from that very moment right then and there, and so, I did. I literally closed my eyes, inhaled and exhaled, and started to ‘unpack’.The realization of how much I needed this was already enough to convince me to take another class. I invite anyone who is due for some unpacking themselves, yoga fans or not, to unpack their heavy souls. Everyone, at some point in their days, in their lives, should do this. I think some of us live life cluttered of too many expectations, doubts, and plans too. Guilty.

Although I was uncertain about what to expect, I left the class refreshed and enthused for the next one and I decided my next post would be of my first yoga class:)

Too excited to wait, I continued laundry night with an immediate need to start writing my new post. Shown in the photo is the beginning of notes in my pencil-only journal, the pen I had to use because even thought I couldn’t find a pencil I HAD to write, and my new surprise. I found this coin staring me in the face, on top of the washer I was using. Intrigued by the number 1 and thumbs up, I grabbed it and researched what it was. What are the odds that it would be currency from India, where yoga originated(ancient India). I guess you could say it felt like a reassurance to my quick desire to embrace yoga as a regular practice.

I hope that someone somewhere can relate to my experience and is smiling at the slight thought of their own experience. I’m moved.